Breaking video game edge

For those not in the know, the stroke took away my ability to play video games. I’ve tried in the past, and my efforts ended in futility. Last night, I tried again… here is the story…

I was kinda baked, stepping into this endeavor, but my spirit was high and I was a beacon of positivity. My friends’ teenage son was playing his Nintendo Switch, I hadn’t played one before, my senses tingled. He mentioned he bought an online subscription to old Nintendo games. He was playing Mario 3, which was my favorite Mario. He asked me if I wanted to play. I responded with such delight, YES!

I thought I could handle it. The tiny control was laughable. I thought, no big deal. He went first and died immediately. My turn, I run through W1L1 with ease, except I noticed while I was running at full speed, I couldn’t fly as a raccoon. I couldn’t hit the jump button fast enough.

Undeterred, I wait until he dies to beat the second level, same with the third where I showed him the warp whistle trick. I get to the castle and attempt to show him the other warp whistle is… failed. I was beyond livid with myself that I could not perform the most simplest of tasks. I accidentally warped and gave up. I still can’t play console or computer games, type, or have the dexterity/mobility in my right hand.

I am supposed to be moving to Colorado, I’m leaving Friday to go to Indiana to see a couple of people, but I’m not the fat, video game addicted, anxiety riddled, and depressed child any more.

I need to get over the fear, this fear of self doubt. It’s destroying the one relationship I value more than most. I’m terrified, nervous, and excited about this. Next up, an album review… when I get to it.


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