Provoke Some Thoughts

In this day and age we rely on instantaneous (or near that) information to be transmitted. The majority of the population has a cell phone capable of recording media, and live, might I add. That leaves me to wonder if people have been paying too much attention to their phones to not capture a UFO, the Loch Ness Monster, or Big Foot, let alone the countless other cryptozoological beasts.

I believe we are not alone in the universe, that life is like a cycle. We’ve found things that someone of the time couldn’t have invented(?). It’s a vicious cycle, one that we are destined to repeat once again, if we continue following in the same footsteps.

Most folks these days are so intent on singling themselves out to really appreciate life and all its intricacies. To label yourself as human should be the focal point. Have we, as a society, forgot how to be humans?

Mind you, I’ve been puffing away on this delightful THC, I’ve got butternut squash in the oven, and Mephistofeles playing, so just ponder that.


2 thoughts on “Provoke Some Thoughts

  1. Thinking of society as a repeating cycle makes so much sense with some of the strange and unexplained finds. You have to wonder how many societies have destroyed themselves over the millions of years our planet has been here. Look at how fast we move, advance, change and manage to start destroying ourselves. How many societies have failed?
    As always, it reminds of Shannara.


    1. It’s amazing how disconnected we are from being human. It makes us forget what we came from. Maybe extraterrestrials haven’t figured out space travel, maybe they are responsible for the way we have been shaped. Maybe we, as humans, haven’t realized we might be destroying ourselves and other beings refuse to be a part of that. The truth is out there.


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