A journey to Colorado by Jeremy Baratz

Leaving New York behind has allowed me to breathe again. It was like, dude, Atlas just got the weight of the world off his shoulder. No more oppression, no more feeling guilty about smoking cannabis. And really, that’s what evvvvveeeeerrrryyyyone thinks…ha…it’s only one reason. So let me put rumors to rest once and for all…

New York was hell. I was miserable there from day one, but fought it. I will tough it out for love, the girl I loved, the only thing that mattered to me…hell, I never thought I would get out of Virginia. It was the start of something new. I gave up so much of my belongings, so many friendships, I gave up smoking cannabis, all because this I felt was real. I’m a hopeless romantic…eh…I still feel it’s real…even though the cats listen better than her. Point being I didn’t care, I had nothing to lose with how I felt in VA and I sacrificed a lot.

I thought what the hell, YOLO. I started to make friends who I had nothing in common with and further perpetuates the stereotype of American. Instead of doing something destructive, I started smoking again. I got out of the place I worked at, and began to get some exposure.

I began to feel like an outcast, one of the reasons I left VA, because I enjoyed being around like minded people.

Something was still stressing, I began getting severe headaches, nausea, room spinning, it lead to me having to quit my job. Then I had a stroke.

People ask me what was it like, not doctors who should have, friends and what not (reason number 2). It wasn’t painful. I kept repeating the day, month, year, date, my name, my address, and previous address. I was completely coherent. I was on my computer, playing a game, when my right leg went numb, and my right hand felt like it was asleep. I showered and my ears started popping. I got picked up for a get together and I started having a hard time talking. I collapsed when we get to our destination. They realize something is wrong. I go to my girlfriend’s mother’s house (girlfriend is at work) and collapse twice. They told me I was having a stroke and diagnosed me from there

So, medical professionals are worlds better in CO. I had been to numerous different doctors, I got tired of it. I want to know what is going on with me and why I’ve lost all this weight and I still feel like shit.

That’s the reason for the move.

Okay on to the journey… Indiana was a blast. I had a great time seeing a friend and wife and kids. I had the best pizza ever. I had the best mead. I had a good time and can’t wait to go back.

Colorado…is probably the most gorgeous state I’ve gone to. Despite the fact that that Nikki was scammed, I’m having a great time so far. Just because the world has a few terrible humans, not everyone is like that.

We don’t have friends up this way, but we’re going to make it. Even if we have to live in our car, it’s only temporary. Already, after 24 hours, I feel like I have three friends up here, my gf, my exgf who has astonished me with her support, and the person who opened up her home to the six of us (four cats). So, I’m not alone, for the first time in my life I have a reliable support system. I’m in my comfort zone, I think and I think I’m happy? I’m on the road to happiness. Better to have good stories than what ifs


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